Course Details


August 9 - 11, 2023


8:30AM - 5:00PM MYT


LIVE Online Training

Expert Trainer

Frederik Haentjens

Course Overview

This course is designed to instill principles surrounding an organization’s transformation through the use of digital technologies and business models. This enables improvement in business performance as well as efficient leveraging of technology to best meet strategic organizational goals. The course is live, interactive, spread over 3 days and has a modular structure with periodic assessments, case studies, and tools to equip you with the ability to innovate, digitize and transform your company.

The world as we know it today has already entered the digital era, and thus emphasizes the need for companies to not only compete, but also thrive in a digital economy. Many courses aim to “teach” Digital Transformation but somehow neglect the “how”, and thus lack a method for successful execution. This course fills that gap with a framework alongside real-life case studies and examples.

Course Outlines

Overview: To learn what it means for a company to be digital, how it transforms the business, and why transformation is key through the introduction of the THRIVE Framework, which will serve as the basis for this entire course

  • Introduction to Digital Transformation

  • Why Transformation is Key

  • Achieving company ambitions with Transformation

  • Today’s highly digital economy

  • THRIVE Framework for Transformation

Overview: To dive deep into transformation and answer the why, what, and how on digital transformation for businesses, and to understand the mindsets behind these transformations and the challenges they face along their transformation journey

  • Transformation vs. Change
  • Why, what, and how to transform?
  • Digital Transformation Mindsets
  • The Troubles with Transformation
  • 6 Areas of Transformation
  • Opportunities in the digital space
  • The 6Ds of Exponentials
  • Disruption and the threat of being disrupted
  • Organization Transformation Readiness

Who Should Attend

  • Mid or senior-level managers who need a strategy to lead their organization through disruptive times

  • Those who want to understand the relevance of Digital Transformation and how to implement them

  • Senior executives and leaders with many years of professional experience

  • Individuals that want to learn how to digitally transform business models and strategies to achieve sustained growth in an age of digitalization

  • Employees in any organization undergoing change or transformation and wish to know more about it

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