Certified Procurement Negotiation Masterclass

Course Introduction

Only 13% of organizations confirm that they realize all of the anticipated value from supply contracts.

The very nature of procurement has changed dramatically, and effective supplier negotiations have become critical to managing key supplier relationships and implementing cost reduction and profit improvement plans.

To be successful in today’s dynamic business environment, procurement professionals require new skills and an effective real-time process to: maximize the value they create as they negotiate, capture that value in a deal, avoid costly concessions in the buying process, and effectively manage price, TCO and supplier relationships. This calls for capabilities that go far beyond a typical approach traditionally deployed to secure just the lowest price.

If you’re trying to reduce total cost of ownership, create new forms of value, jointly manage risk, or become a strategic partner with your suppliers and internal stakeholders, you also need an organizational discipline and methodology that enables your negotiators to uncover interests, gain leverage, develop creative options, employ persuasive standards, develop trust, and successfully align stakeholders.

Procurement Negotiation Masterclass incorporates a number of activities to meet your individual needs, establish your specific goals and apply proven action plans to support your growth. It has been structured in such a way as to enhance your skills in the way that will best suit your needs, availability and time.

Course Objectives

The Procurement Negotiation Masterclass will equip your procurement team with the skills to achieve value for money in all supplier negotiations, turn suppliers into cost-cutting allies, and deploy fit-for-purpose purchasing negotiation strategies and techniques they need to achieve and exceed savings targets.

After attending the Procurement Negotiation Masterclass your team will be able to:

Who Should Attends?

The Procurement Negotiation Masterclass is appropriate for:

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