Course Details


January 22 - 24, 2024


8:30AM - 5:00PM MYT


LIVE Online Training

Expert Trainer

Frederik Haentjens

Course Overview

This course is designed to instill principles surrounding an organization’s transformation through the use of digital technologies and business models. This enables improvement in business performance as well as efficient leveraging of technology to best meet strategic organizational goals. The course is live, interactive, spread over 3 days and has a modular structure with periodic assessments, case studies, and tools to equip you with the ability to innovate, digitize and transform your company.

The world as we know it today has already entered the digital era, and thus emphasizes the need for companies to not only compete, but also thrive in a digital economy. Many courses aim to “teach” Digital Transformation but somehow neglect the “how”, and thus lack a method for successful execution. This course fills that gap with a framework alongside real-life case studies and examples.

Course Outlines

Overview: To understand the meaning behind design and innovation, how they interact with each other, and how they converge to create memorable and human-centered experiences that ultimately improves the organization and its customers

  • The difference between innovation and design
  • Designing for people makes an innovative experience
  • “Keep the human experience in the center
  • The 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us
  • Jumps in technological advancement
  • The Skills you need in 2024
  • Design & Innovation steps
  • Design & Innovation models around
  • “No one size fits all” mentality
  • Desire vs. need
  •  Focusing on customer experience
  • Design mindset vs. Innovation mindse

Overview: To be able to observe, engage, and immerse oneself with the experiences of people in order to understand and design things from their perspective

  • What is empathy
  • Why gain empathy
  • How to approach empathy
  • Dual perspective of Design and Innovation
  • Empathy from the people’s point of view
  • Empathy from the organization’s point of view

Who Should Attend

  • Business leaders and managers who want to develop new products, services, and business models

  • Product managers and designers who want to improve the user experience and create new products and services

  • Marketing and branding professionals who want to create effective campaigns and build a strong brand identity

  • Entrepreneurs who want to develop new businesses and products

  • Innovation and strategy professionals who want to create new ways of doing things and drivechange in organizations

  • Engineers and other technical professionals who want to learn how to apply design thinking to create new solutions
  • Educators, trainers, and facilitators who want to teach design thinking and innovation

  • Professionals from any field who want to develop their problem-solving and creativity skills

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