Certified Real Estate Financial Modeller


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June 12 - 16, 2022


8:30AM - 5:00PM MYT


Kuala Lumpur

Expert Trainer

Hamed Behairy

Course Overview

Only 13% of organizations confirm that they realize all of the anticipated value from supply contracts.

The Procurement Negotiation Masterclass will equip your procurement team with the skills to achieve value for money in
all supplier negotiations, turn suppliers into cost cutting allies, and deploy fit-for-purpose purchasing negotiation strategies, and techniques they need to achieve and exceed savings targets.

Course Outlines

» Two General Classifications of Estates
» Estates Not Yet in Possession (Future Estates)
» Examples of Leasehold Estates
» Interests, Encumbrances, and Easements
» Methods of Title Assurance
» Abstract and Opinion Method
» The Title Insurance Method
» Limitations on Property Rights

» Compound Interest
» Compound or Future Value
» Yields on Investment Annuities
» Calculating Compound Interest Factors
» Equivalent Nominal Annual Rate (ENAR): Extensions
» Solving for Annual Yields with Partial Periods: An Extension
» Present Value
» A Graphic Illustration of Present Value
» Limitations on Property Rights
» Use of the Present Value of an Annuity Factors
» Determining Yields, or Internal Rates of Return, on Investments

Who Should Attend

» Real estate investors and analysts
» Real estate managers
» Planning and development professionals in real estate businesses
» Property Developers
» Bankers and lenders
» Corporate financiers
» Real Estate Portfolio managers
» Finance managers and analysts
» Property owners
» Hedge fund managers
» Mortgage brokers
» Private banking Relationship managers
responsible for Real Estate Investments
» Anyone pursuing career in real estate

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