Combatting Terrorism Finance and Anti-Money Laundering within Compliance Framework


Course Details


August 9 - 11, 2023


8:30AM - 5:00PM MYT


Kuala Lumpur

Expert Trainer

Hesham Hamdy

Course Overview

For banks and other financial organisations, money laundering and the financing of terrorism have become major concerns. This course increases your understanding of the principles of AML & CTF while also enhancing your compliance and risk management expertise. It also helps you enhance your risk- based compliance, anti-terrorist financing, and anti-money laundering abilities and talents within the context of governance.

This workshop combines academic knowledge on AML & CTF, risks associated with financial crime, and compliance with pertinent case studies.


Course Outlines

  • The Fundamental Differences and Importance of its Convergence

  • Overlapping: Healthy or Wasteful?

  • Cooperation among these function

  • Money Laundering

  • Reverse Money Laundering

  • Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing

  • Emerging Trends of Money laundering

  • New Dimensions to money laundering

  • Workshop 1: Money Laundering & Reverse

    Money Laundering

Who Should Attend

»» Compliance Officers
»» Risk Officers
»» Auditors
»» AML/CTF Managers
»» Governance
»» Seniors and Finance Heads
»» and focal employees

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