Corporate Governance, Risk Management & Compliance


Course Details


May 10 - 12, 2023


8:30AM - 5:00PM MYT


Kuala Lumpur

Expert Trainer

Dr. Hesham Hamdy

Course Overview

In today’s quickly dynamic corporate climate, this 3-day, graded course will provide participants with a clear introduction of the
essential role and intersections of Governance, Risk, and Compliance for organisations.

The programme will give a framework and strategy for adopting comprehensive GRC policies and processes within your organisation, with a focus on best practises for identifying, analysing, and resolving existing concerns while also laying the groundwork for a dynamic future system.

The curriculum is intended to provide not only an all-around advanced level exposure to essential GRC topics, but also to larger regulatory developments. We’ll look at the advantages of using modern technology in Governance, Risk, and Compliance contexts, as well as the human factors that are required for proper planning and execution.

Delegates will leave with a renewed sense of purpose for good Corporate Governance to support long-term business growth,
as well as a fresh understanding of Risk and Compliance as business facilitators and long-term value partners, rather than
resource-based cost centres.

Course Outlines

»» Overview of the global regulatory environment
»» Models of Regulatory and Compliance development
»» The objectives of financial services regulation
»» International comparisons and cross jurisdictional challenges
»» The role of the regulators – What do the Regulators expect?
»» ISO 19600: Compliance Management Systems
»» The regional regulatory environment
»» Using regulatory and compliance toolkits
»» Key regulatory inventory
»» Identification and management of cross border complexity

»» The Compliance Function
»» An introduction to compliance
»» Compliance structure
»» The role of the board of directors, the supervisors, the internal and external auditors
»» The Role and Responsibilities of Chief Compliance officer
»» Compliance risk data: Collect, Comprehend, Communicate
»» General principles of crafting written policy and procedures
»» Key compliance activities

Who Should Attend

»» Compliance Officers
»» Risk Officers
»» Auditors
»» AML/CTF Managers
»» Governance
»» Internal Control Officers
»» Seniors and Finance Heads
»» Legal Officers
»» Board Members
»» and focal employees

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